Music Licensing & Production Coaching

One of the best ways to make your way through any goal or mission is to find a coach. Whether you need insight into the sync process (royalties, libraries, composition), or beatmaking (assessment, technique, strategy, an honest ear), leverage my experience to help you optimize your time, fill in the blanks, and avoid career-disrupting mistakes.

Music production sync licensing coach easy

Quick & Easy

Perfect for producers and/or composers who already have a solid grasp on production and music licensing and have a few simple questions; could use some opinions on their music, or have been at it and have run into some roadblocks.


Getting Deep

A better option for producer/composers who have more complex situations; who are getting up to speed on the whole music licensing and beatmaking game; have run into big issues with companies or clients; who need a deep understanding of music publishing, etc.

Chris asked me the tough questions that lead me in the right direction. He was real with me and didn’t sugarcoat anything. I immediately took action and feel I’m on my way to improving even more as a beatmaker and producer.
— @dkboombap