You’re not a bum. You’re not some sucker, ready to be mercilessly taken advantage of. You’re sharp as a knife. You’re the tip of the spear. Why? Because you Question F#cking Everything.

  • What I do on a daily basis, is that really the best use of my time?
  • What habits do I currently I have that are detrimental to making music?
  • Why is this publisher I’ve never heard of offering me a deal after finding out that I’ve landed a big placement that’s slated to release soon?
  • Are my moves and actions designed to create longevity?
  • Why am I entering this beat battle? What’s my goal?
  • Why am I entering this showcase? What’s the point?
  • Is the fee that they’re charging me to enter this competition worth it?
  • Why is this connector requesting a piece of my publishing if they land me a placement? Is that right?
  • Do I have a very mediocre understanding of sync licensing and I should be educating myself more?
  • Should I use the attorneys that represent the very company that I’m signing a deal with?
  • Am I making the same repetitive shit as everyone else?
  • What do I want to be when it’s all said and done?
  • Am I nowhere near as hot as I think I am, and I’m just not being honest with myself?
  • Am I positioning myself for success?

Everything about music production deserves your unfailing curiosity: the business, the creativity, the people. Curious people go farther. Be that kid in class with his hand raised every five minutes, making the teacher roll her eyes with aggravation. Don’t give a shit!

Release your detrimental ties to your own self pride. Tuck your ego to the side. Recognize that there’s always something new to learn. Being infinitely curious is key to evolution.

My goal in this is not to make you an anxious bundle of raw nerves. It’s to make sure that you stay awake and never go on autopilot and end up smeared on the side of a career mountain.

“Keep one eye open like CBS”