As creative people—no—as humans, many producers have a hard time dealing with risk. Risk is scary. Risk is difficult. Risk is the creative person’s kryptonite. Here’s what it looks like:

A hard drive full of beats with no online presence (I ain’t trying to get jacked)

Beats and songs that never go out for opportunities (man, I don't want anybody to steal my progressions)

Songs written and composed with poor efforts to find a vocalist or producer (I’m just waiting for the right time)

Look. Occasionally, you’re going to lose. You’re going to be defeated. It’s better if you simply accept that as an outcome that you will encounter. Why? Because people in the music and creative industries, they’re wolves, starving wolves at that, and they steal beats. They jack songs and melodies. They discover samples, recreate songs from scratch, and clear the sample themselves.

This is the game. And everybody takes losses. Everyone gets the occasional ass whooping. But you get back up, you learn the lesson, you deal with it and keep moving.

Those that succeed, they’ve made a habit of getting back up, wiping the blood from their mugs, then pressing onward.

That’s why they eventually win. They anticipate the loss and push through when it arrives.

You shouldn’t fear losing that beat or that song or that progression or that melody. Why?

Because you’re good enough to make more. No one can steal the skills you developed over the years.

That’s the truth. Push forward.