You’re a producer. Or a songwriter. Or a musician. Now, imagine your efforts to create success as a pie. A delicious, grandma-made sweet potato pie, or maybe a Nation of Islam bean pie if that’s your style. Now, picture your preferred success pie in your mind. Many people look at that pie and fill it with all creativity. If I work on my product, I’ll find success. If I just write songs, or make beats, or play gigs, I’ll find success.

Yes, you will need to do those things. Extensively. Exhaustively. Practice writing songs until your brain has turned to gruel; practice guitar until you can’t feel your fingertips.

But, that is only a piece of your success pie. And probably a smaller piece than you realize. The other pieces that will factor into how far you get include your personality, your ability to cope with challenges, how you respond to adversity, how the people around you respond to you. 

Think about your pie. Now, start cutting off slivers for those additional aspects of your success. Do you cower in fear when things get difficult? Are you a quitter? Do people like you and enjoy working with you? Are you a dick? Or a crybaby? Are you socially awkward? Are you an extreme introvert? Or an extreme extrovert? How do you respond to uncertainty? How great is your need for stability? How do you respond to shitty circumstances? Do you control your ego or does it control you? 

Creating success in the entertainment industry involves is so much more than being creative. And that “so much more” factors heavily into your pie of success. Think about it, you know people who are immensely talented or creative who don’t cut the mustard. Success eludes them. Many times it’s because of those other pie slices that go neglected. Master your craft, there’s no argument there, but always keep in mind the other parts that factor into going the distance.