There are two types of people in the music industry. The hunters, and the hunted. Now, the hunted make up the great bulk of people in the business. They, of course, are unaware of their position in the food chain, and are typically people who say things like, “I just want to make music,” or, “I just want to get a video on Vevo.” They are unconcerned with the details, with the paperwork, with the publishing points, the terms of the agreement, the split sheets, the song registrations, the timeline for payment. They just want to work, to get on.

And hunters love to hear those words. It’s the chiming of a dinner bell; it triggers a Pavlovian response, they begin to salivate at the thought of devouring your future earnings and they get a money boner. The hunter will provide you your opportunity to make music, get your video on Vevo, there’s no doubt about that. But they will put you in a position to pimp you at the same time. And make music and be on VEVO is all that you will do.

Surviving and thriving in music is one of the most difficult things you can aspire to do. Becoming a doctor may be easier than creating a sustainable career in the music industry (by sustainable career, I mean that’s ALL you do).

One thing about doctors though...they study their asses off. School, exams, papers, tests, internships, residencies, fellowships. Lots and lots of thick-ass books. A doctor has to know their shit or they might end up killing someone.

You have to know your shit or you might end up killing you.

You should be setting aside time to master your craft not only musically, but business-ally. Read books. Ask questions. Take people smarter than you to lunch. Watch YouTube videos. Create a curriculum: publishing, royalties, PRO’s, touring, merchandise.

Your career is your patient. Are you going to leave yourself dead on the operating table? Shit changes when you think of it like that, doesn’t it?