You watch sports, right? So you know that every once in awhile an incredible athlete comes around, a man among boys, a player of incredible talent and skill, blessed with size or speed or wingspan, a player who blessed with the potential to dominate. But they don’t. Why? They’re always bickering, complaining, bitching about this and that, stirring up trouble, making silly comments to the media. They talk about being traded when it isn’t time to be traded, remark about why they can’t excel, how bad the coaches are, the fans, the city.

They manage to get to different team eventually, some other organization, some other coach. But their performance, despite all of that talent and skill and size and competitive advantage, remains the same. Remains in the realm of “great potential.”

These are players who have a bitch within (no offense to any ladies).

These are players who are incapable of shutting their mouths and putting their heads down and grinding through it, who are unwilling to put forward their very best despite any shitty circumstances surrounding them.

This antihero has an opposite: the player who goes balls out every night; who has no excuses after the tough loss; who’s still playing white-on-rice defense even though the team is down by twenty and it’s halfway through fourth quarter.

These kinds of players are guided by a vision of themselves as champions, waiting, building, using every circumstance, good or bad, as an opportunity to evolve. GM’s, coaches, teammates see this in them; they build franchises around their determination, their unwillingness to give excuses. They excel. They attract other players, coaches, circumstances to themselves. They inspire. They begin to win.

These players I’m describing, you’ve seen both of these players in whatever sports you watch. But they don’t just exist in sports. They’re everywhere. Finance, entrepreneurship, education...and music.

Especially in music.

So, which player are you?

Which player will you be?