I used to yell this when I heard a track on an album that was similar to something I did or could do. And I was right, I had the talent to make that track, or I had made something exactly like it in the past, or I had, at one time or another, played around with that same sample. I was exactly right, I could have made that track. And it pissed me off. Why him and not me? Well, I came to learn that it wasn’t about the track. Anybody could have made the track.

Only a small percentage of tracks are so fucking unique that they could have oozed only from the mind of a single person (or people). Like Hudson Mohawke, or DJ Khalil, or weareoliver.  Here’s what I learned eventually. Where that producer who secured that placement has excelled is in the construction of the relationship. Not all of us could have made the relationship that led to that eventual placement. Not all of us could have connected the dots, networked, made music that resonated with a particular person or people at a particular perfect moment in time. We could have all made the track. But we couldn't have all made that perfect connection.

When you shift your thinking from your ability to simply create songs to your ability to create the relationship, that’s when you take the art of moving music to the next level.