I've really been digging the instrumental production movement as of late. As I get older, it's more and more difficult for me to work with someone rapping over a song. I think my mind is slowing down; when I was younger, I could absorb heavy college-level information with loud ass rap blaring in the background. Now, I'm an old man, I must concentrate and instrumental joints are the way to go. 

Ran into this cat Chrome Sparks via a SoundCloud mix a few days ago. The track "Marijuana" slapped me across my face with the goodness. There's a dope soul sample slowed down to a snail's pace beneath dope bass drums, mellow, synth chord progressions, and futuristic blips and bloops. I love it. Fantastic work, definitely shit to vibe out to and inspirational work for aspiring instrumental-based producers. Peep the dopeness here.