The author of this book was (was is not the right word, once you've been a producer, you're always a producer) an aspiring producer. During his senior year of college, he was completely overtaken by the compulsion to produce records in the form of sampling. However, over the 4 years he dedicated himself to production, he made a series of costly errors that hampered his ability to build success. 

Sometime during his 4th year of production, he sought work in the music industry, eventually landing a position with a company called Dynamic Producer, the first company of its kind to offer education and opportunity to place records to aspiring music producers. It was there that Chris became an educator of producers, soon realizing that he was seeing the same mistakes he made repeated by the members of Dynamic Producer. He realized then that he had something he needed to say. 

After Dynamic Producer, Chris moved into the music licensing industry, working with once reputed music agency, Music Dealers, working across A&R, publishing, and marketing. It was here that Chris mastered his knowledge of sync licensing.

Chris is driven by a single purpose: to help those who dare to dream manifest those dreams. As Chris has strived to manifest his own dreams, he is more than familiar with how challenging it can be to turn a vision into reality. Which is why he wrote Don't Make Beats Like Me—to provide the next generation of music producers with better knowledge, wisdom, and tools to aid them in making realities out of their dreams.