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Chris Rucks was an aspiring beatmaker (was isn't accurate; once a beatmaker, always a beatmaker). In his final year of college, he was overtaken by the compulsion to produce music. Yet, over the several years he dedicated himself to production, he made a series of costly errors that hampered his ability to build success.

Chris eventually sought work in the music industry, landing a position with Dynamic Producer, a company that offers education and opportunity to music producers. Chris became the director, and soon noticed that he was seeing the same mistakes he made being repeated by DP's members. He realized then that he had something he needed to say.

After Dynamic Producer, Chris moved into the music licensing industry, working with once reputed music agency, Music Dealers, working across A&R, publishing, and marketing. There, Chris mastered his knowledge of sync licensing while putting the finishing touches on what would eventually become, Don't Make Beats Like Me.

Chris is a writer, a storyteller, and he leverages his gift of communication to help those who dare to manifest dreams. Chris greedily consumes good books and anime. He hoards vinyl, cooks some mean mushroom tacos, and lives in Brooklyn with his future wife.

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